Teaching Science at Gidea Park


The science curriculum at Gidea Park College is based on the development of knowledge of the world around us. We encourage pupils to develop the skills necessary to explore and investigate a full understanding of scientific issues. Our aim is for pupils to be able to use science to explain why things happen. Through study, pupils begin to understand how science shapes and influences the quality of our lives.

The science curriculum is delivered by the form teacher in Pre-School and Pre-Prep, and by specialist teachers in Prep, in a purpose-built science room. We cover a wide range of topics including animals, materials and plants.

A practical approach is taken to all learning – science lessons are packed full of hands-on experiments and investigations. In this way we aim to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment. We encourage pupils to think of themselves as scientists and to appreciate that science is not a final qualification, but a way of thinking, and a gathering and creation of thoughts and theories. 

Science is the best idea humans ever had. The more people who embrace that idea, the better.
— Bill Nye

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