These early years are formative, experiences now can shape a child’s future attitude to school and it is our aim that they should look forward to every day. From the start, young children quickly settle into our happy school family, keen to explore the new experiences available to them.


Following Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines, they learn mostly through play and with close care we can identify individual strengths and recognise potential problems at an early stage to ensure that every child is supported to achieve their best. In line with our ethos of individualised learning, those who are ready will move on to more structured lessons and not be held back, while any problems will be sensitively addressed and supported by our EYFS SEND co-ordinator.

The Pre-School is a cheerful and positive place, always alive with busy chatter and concentrated activity. Life is just as full beyond the classroom with outdoor activities, trips and visiting attractions such as a puppet show or a storyteller, with the teddy bear’s picnic always a firm favourite!

Experiences shape a child’s future attitude to school and it is our aim that they should look forward to coming every day.
— Katherine Whiskerd, Headmistress



An individual plan is created for each child according to their ability and progress in seven key areas: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Numeracy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.


After school clubs


Gidea Park has developed flexible wraparound childcare solutions to fit in with your busy life, and to suit your specific needs during term time.


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