Throughout their time here, close, continual assessment ensures that each child has the opportunity to meet – and even exceed – their potential. 

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Sport plays an important part in the school week with a mix of timetabled team activities such as football and netball and individual club events, including Karate. With so much variety and a high level of individual support and pastoral care, the children thrive and the atmosphere in the Prep School is always busy, happy and productive.

Each class up to Year 5 has two assigned Year 6 prefects to help and guide the younger children and as they move through their Prep School years, all the pupils gradually take on increased responsibility. At the end of Year 6 the girls and boys emerge as confident and capable young people, ready and eager to move on to their chosen secondary school.

Here pupils grow into confident young people with a solid foundation on which to build their futures.
— Katherine Whiskerd, Headmistress



Once they move into the Prep School the children are progressively immersed into the full curriculum where they will have access to a broad range of subjects from Science to Languages (including French in Years 5 and 6). Creativity and imagination are fostered through music and the arts which are infused into the daily life of the school.


After school clubs


Gidea Park has developed flexible wraparound childcare solutions to fit in with your busy life, and to suit your specific needs during term time.


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