Teaching Mathematics at Gidea Park


Mathematics is a core subject that is taught by the Class teacher. At Gidea Park College we use a variety of teaching styles - working on tasks that are appropriate for an individual’s ability. A strong emphasis is placed on students acquiring secure skills in numeracy and confidence in the use of number is encouraged from the early years.

Mathematical skills are developed through an integrated approach where practical activities and investigations support formal work. Practical and theoretical work go hand in hand, so that pupils can see the relevance of these studies. They must learn their tables and acquire good grounding in sums, but practical applications are also extremely important. Mental arithmetic skills are fostered throughout the school and a positive approach to problem solving is promoted. We also link mathematics with other areas of the curriculum.

Key ideas are revisited and built on, year by year, giving children the opportunity to refresh their understanding and draw connections between different areas of maths. They work with numbers, graphs, measures, shapes and statistics and are encouraged to generalise and be abstract. Mathematical vocabulary is hugely important as children learn to describe their methods concisely and precisely, gaining the tools that allow them to clarify, justify and explain.

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.
— Stan Gudder, Mathematician

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