Learning support at Gidea Park


Gidea Park College is an inclusive school which values each pupil and believes that they all have a right of equal access to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. We aim to support and extend all pupils, whatever their ability, to enable them to benefit fully from the mainstream curriculum despite any learning difficulties or disabilities. We also aim to improve self-esteem and confidence to assist all pupils to reach their full potential. In most cases this will simply be to provide a boost in some areas of learning, while for others this may include specific support. Pupils are taught in a sympathetic way and are encouraged to discuss their fears and difficulties so that ways of resolving them can be found.

Individual needs are met daily in the classroom by teachers and teaching assistants and, when beneficial, by small group sessions or one-to-one lessons with members of the Learning Support team. We are very proud of the learning support we provide at Gidea Park and proud of the progress that the children make. Our Learning Support Department plays a vital role, offering assistance and support to children challenged by learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. The SENCo works in close conjunction with form teachers to ensure that support is provided when and where necessary, within the context of the broader curriculum. If more extensive support is needed for the core subjects, then an LSA is employed by arrangement with the school and the parents.

We are committed to supporting pupils by working collaboratively with parents, teachers and professionals. We encourage all staff to acknowledge effort as well as achievement in all areas of school life, so that the pupils’ strengths are recognised and celebrated.

Every student can learn – just not on the same day or in the same way.
— George Evans

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