Teaching English at Gidea Park


English at Gidea Park College is at the heart of the curriculum and is taught by the form teacher in small classes. The ability to communicate effectively, infer accurately and respond with sensitivity is vital to a child's development and subsequent contribution to society.

From Pre-School, all pupils are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills to enable them to communicate well. A structured phonics programme is in place in the early years to ensure that our pupils progress through a planned pathway to become independent readers by the time they enter the Prep department. The involvement and enjoyment of parents in helping their child to develop this precious skill is actively encouraged. The ability to write in a meaningful way is developed alongside reading.

In the Prep department, the emphasis changes subtly as pupils are encouraged to develop the skills of inference and deduction alongside the important skills of grammatical awareness, spelling and presentation. They will also learn the art of careful listening, which is an essential skill in all aspects of school life.

Much emphasis is placed on discussion and the formation of individual opinions, and a balance is sought between linguistic and literary, oral and written, creative and mechanical skills. Pupils are also given opportunities to enhance their learning by activities such as plays, poetry reading and World Book Day.

The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.
— Jonathan Culver

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