Our Admissions Policy


Gidea Park College welcomes all applications. We provide for the needs of the academically able while, at the same time, recognising that one of our greatest strengths is the value we add to all pupils. Our focus is on the individual pupil, to enable each, whether of average or strong ability, to achieve their potential.

We have a longstanding tradition of nurturing talent and identifying those with the potential to be academic high achievers. Gidea Park College is a school where pupils flourish and apply themselves with confidence to develop their full potential during their formative years in education. 

Applying for a place at the school

Admission Policies for each of our departments differ. Please refer to the relevant one for your application, as detailed below. However, in all cases, we ask parents to visit the school to view the classrooms and to meet staff and the Head, prior to completing an Application Form.

The school’s admissions literature, policy, assessments are reviewed on an annual basis.

Accessibility to the school is explained in more detail in the School’s Equal Opportunities Policy, Special Educational Needs Policies and Accessibility Plan.

The school is committed to equal opportunity for all its pupils, regardless of an individual’s race, ethnicity, sex, disability, religion or belief, cultural or linguistic background, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity.


Admission to Pre-SCHOOL Department

Admissions into Pre-School are normally in the September following a child’s third birthday by 31st August the same year.

An Admissions Register for Pre-School is kept in order of application. Parents are contacted in the Summer Term of the proposed year of entry and invited to re-visit the school for an informal assessment. Parents are interviewed with their children by the Head of Early Years and one other member of the senior leadership team.

Places will be offered on the basis of observation and general assessment of school readiness during these visits. Entry is by selection, ensuring that parental expectations match closely with the aims and philosophy of the school.

On being made a formal written offer, parents are requested to select the preferred sessions for their child. Parents receive confirmation of the sessions allocated and are invited to attend an 'Induction Meeting' later in the year.

The academic year is from the 1st September to the 31st August. Vacancies (as they arise) for other years of entry are as follows:

EYFS: Pre-School
Children who are three years old by 31st August
EYFS: Reception
Children who are four years old by 31st August
Key Stage One: Year One
Children who are five years old by 31st August
Key Stage Two: Year Two
Children who are six years old by 31st August

Entry into school is in the September unless a vacancy occurs at another time in the academic year.


Entry to the Main School: Reception Class

A separate Register is kept for those wishing to join the Main School in the Reception Class, which offers full day education.

Parents are advised that placing a child’s name on the Register does not guarantee a place.

All applicants, including those from our Pre-School department, are invited to attend an informal assessment, to ascertain their readiness to move into the more structured environment of our Reception Class.

Entry is by selection, ensuring that parental expectations match closely with the aims and philosophy of the school and that their child is ready to join Gidea Park College.

Parents are notified whether or not a place is available the following week and are asked to confirm acceptance in writing, enclosing a £500 Bond repayable, without interest, when the child leaves the school (providing all fees due have been paid and the school has no other financial claim against either parents or pupil).

Once the Reception Class is full, any remaining applicant’s names are placed on a waiting list and will be contacted in strict order should a place become available.


Later entries into the main school (years one to six)

Places in the Pre-Prep and Prep classes within the school do become available from time to time, due to relocation, etc.

In such cases, applicants on the Admissions Register for the appropriate age group will be contacted and invited into the school for an assessment commensurate with their age.

These assessments are in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. Potential is the main measurement at this stage and a place will be offered, following a day spent with the relevant peer group to assess social integration and whether the applicant would be happy and thrive within our school.

When selecting pupils for entry, the school recognises that a balanced proportion of boys and girls in a year group is preferable for a co-educational environment. This proportion will vary from year to year, but where possible we will be mindful of this factor given the abilities of the boys and girls sitting the assessments.

In addition to performing well in the assessments a child must also receive a satisfactory reference from their current school.


Concerns or complaints

If prospective parents have any concerns, complaints or queries about the admissions process, they should address these concerns in writing to the Head of Gidea Park College.